Projects and Ideas

This page is a quick intro to some thoughts and ideas that people have yet to pay me to build. Feel free to take these ideas and run with them.

Javascript Dashboard Builder

This idea was born from an understanding that business requirements for enterprise users are almost (or should be) largely based on an employees’ roles in the organization. As such, asking the development team to build a different dashboard for each user type becomes inefficient, especially if tools don’t allow for quick dashboard building.

This concept would have three main components:

  • It exposes a usable data structure¬† to users,
  • It allows users to generate charts based on this data in an Excel-like chart interface
  • It allows users to organize these charts similar to Google’s IGoogle pages

Legacy Migrations

This Ruby Gem allows you to easily transfer data from one data structure to another. The syntax is intended to be extremely expressive. Here’s a quick sample that transfers data from the table Person (or people if you’re using Rails) to the table Animal (animals):

transfer_from Person, :to => Animal do
  match_same_name_attributes :only => [:sex, :age]
  from :name, :to => :pet_name
  from :from_record, :to => :species do |from_record|
    "Homo Sapien"

For more information check it out at github, or install it through

Taxonomy Building Game