HeyCosmo…THEY push the buttons.

Tired of pushing 2 for tech support or 3 to speak with a representative? HeyCosmo solves that by making the people who answer your calls push the buttons, not you.

It works like this. You log on to Facebook or HeyCosmo.com, select or create a question that you want to investigate (questions range from finding reservations for a type of restaurant to asking a bunch of friends which movie they want to watch). Then HeyCosmo calls all the relevant parties (your friends, the restaurant to reserve seats, etc.), makes them push 1 for The Hulk or 2 for Spiderman then sends you the response. WELL done guys!

One thing that the Facebook version lacks is the ability to pick up your friends’ phone numbers automatically. But I think that’s a Facebook API problem, not a HeyCosmo problem. Of course, if there were an application that merged contact phone numbers from another service (e.g. Yahoo, GMail or Outlook) and made it available to the Facebook HeyCosmo application, then that’s technically your information, thus giving HeyCosmo the right to use it.

Good job gentlemen! Keep up the awesome work!

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