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Code Bubbles IDE for Java Developers

Excellent new concepts for working with code in an Eclipse-based IDE

Legacy Migrations made easy…

Legacy Migrations is a little gem that helps you migrate data from an old database structure to a new db and db structure. It keeps a status report for failed validations, and also lets you update data if all you need is a nightly data update. Here’s a quick sample that transfers data from the model Person to the model Animal (assuming the models are subclasses of either ActiveRecord::Base or CSV::Table):
require ‘legacy_migrations’

#Assuming you’ve already created classes for source and destination tables
transfer_from Person, :to => Animal do
match_same_name_attributes :only => [:sex, :age]
from :name, :to => :pet_name
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Reality-Based Interaction Framework.

In the 2009 Confeference for Human Computer Interaction (CHI) a group of researchers from Tufts University presented a new framework for classifying reality-based interactions–aptly named “Reality-Based Interaction Framework.”

The basic idea is that you can classify almost all types of interactions that users can experience that are not WIMP (window, icon, mouse)-based with this framework, and by doing so, you’ll have an easier time conducting studies. It’s an interesting idea, but will it hold up to scrutiny?

Like any well-meaning scientist’s blog, the next few posts will try to challenge this framework not because I think it is not useful, or because … Continue Reading


Hi Everyone,

This blog is geared at the design of software interfaces. Hopefully over the coming months you’ll see analyzes of various peer-reviewed and sometimes even non-peer-reviewed journal articles that address frontend design. Some common terms that you might think of when you think of frontend design include interaction design, usability, user experience and information architecture. If you’re into that kind of stuff, you and I will get along just fine.

For those of you not terribly familiar with these terms, just send me an email and I’ll be glad to help you get a feel for the field. I’ve only been … Continue Reading